Neighborhood Vibrancy Taskforce

Composed of representatives from the City of Greenville, United Way of Greenville County and CommunityWorks, as well as neighborhood and community leaders, the Neighborhood Vibrancy Task Force (NVT) developed improvement strategies to preserve and enhance the dynamic diversity of Greenville's historic neighborhoods.

Between May 2014 and February 2015, the task force met to discuss the elements of a vibrant neighborhood. The resulting recommendations include actions residents, stakeholders, service providers, and government can take to ensure neighborhood vibrancy.

The NVT process found many similarities across the neighborhoods in terms of what is desired. These desirable traits were organized into the following five categories: Affordable Housing, Community and Resident Engagement, Economic Vitality, Diversity and Inclusion, Property Maintenance and Code Enforcement. Recommendations included ideas to improve awareness of available resources and opportunity, and empower community residents and organizations to identify, communicate and actively pursue their shared goals and objectives.

Work is underway to follow the NVT recommendations, and as available the progress will be documented here. If you have questions about the NVT recommendations or want to know more about how you can promote vibrancy in your neighborhood, please contact your neighborhood leadership or the Community Development office today!

Neighborhood Vibrancy Recommendations