Short-Term Rentals 

With the growth of the “sharing economy,” the City is seeing an increase in residents using popular websites like Airbnb and VRBO to offer their homes for short-term rentals.

Under the City’s current zoning regulations, short-term rentals (rentals for a period of less than one month) are prohibited in residential zones R6, R9, RM-1, RM-2 and RM-3. 

In zones where they are permitted, short-term rentals are classified as “Visitor Accommodations” and fall into two categories:


  • Renting an entire dwelling on less than a month-to-month basis
  • Requires an Occupancy Permit
  • Allowed in C-3, C-4, S-1, and RDV
  • Requires special exception in OD and C-2

Bed & Breakfast Inn

  • Renting room(s) in an owner-occupied dwelling
  • Requires an Accessory Use Permit for Home Occupation
  • Allowed in OD, C-2, C-3, C-4, S-1, RDV, if the use meets the criteria set forth in City Ordinance Section 19-4.3.3(H)
  • Requires special exception in R-6, R-9, RM-1, RM-1.5, RM-2 and RM-3

In addition to the required permits, the owner must also have a business license and must pay accommodations tax.

Use City Address Locator to see a property's zoning classification.