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There are two city park locations commonly reserved for small wedding parties: Falls Park's Old Mill Garden and River Lodge, and the Rock Quarry Garden, located on the north edge of Cleveland Park.

Old Mill Garden and River Lodge

Just downstream of the falls, Old Mill Garden is a beautiful location for an intimate gathering. The site can accommodate a maximum of 100 people. The Old Mill Garden and River Lodge is available for 4 or 8 hour rentals. For more information about a Falls Park wedding.

Rock Quarry Garden

Located in Cleveland Park and nestled in the heart of Greenville is a wonderful secluded retreat, The Rock Quarry Garden. Long used as a photography and wedding site, the garden combines rock, water and beautifully maintained flora.  The Rock Quarry Garden is available for 4 or 8 hour rentals. For more information about a Rock Quarry Garden wedding.
Old Mill Wedding Site

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