You can reduce the amount of waste that goes in a landfill by 30% by composting yard waste and food scraps.

Composting is the biological decomposition of organic matter such as leaves, food scraps and twigs. The end result is a dark, crumbly matter that can enrich your lawn or garden. When mixed with soil, compost improves the physical properties of the soil, reduces erosion and supports plant life.

Always cover your compost pile with leaves. Add red wiggler worms to speed up the process.

Backyard Composting

Valet composting services are available for city and county residents, through

Compost Troubleshooting
Problem What's Happening How To Fix It
Smells like garbage Too wet, wrong food items included or not covered with browns Mix in dry leaves or sawdust
Pile is dry Not enough water or too much woody material Mix and moisten; chop materials into smaller pieces
Pile is damp, but not composting Lack of greens Mix in greens or remove excess woody material
Pile is smaller, but doesn't look like compost Outside of the pile is dry, but inside is most likely composted Use non-decomposed material in a new pile