Credit Policy

Purpose of the Policy

The Stormwater Management Utility Fee Credit Policy provides financial incentives for property owners who substantially mitigate the effect of stormwater runoff from their property on the City's stormwater management system or the costs of operating the City’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4). These incentives reward property owners who actively engage in stewardship of our City resources or diligently maintain their private stormwater systems beyond the minimum established regulatory criteria.

Areas of Consideration

There are four areas of consideration for fee credit.
Stormwater quantity credit, which may include:

  • Addition of a detention facility on property that had not required detention at the time of development.
  • Upgrade of an existing detention facility to meet current stormwater ordinance requirements where original requirements were less stringent.
  • Design of a proposed site using undeveloped existing conditions.
  • Detention and containment of lower frequency storm events.
  • Elimination of stormwater discharge from a site through management of all runoff on site.
Stormwater quality credit, which may include:

  • Addition of water quality Best Management Practices (BMPs).
  • Design of a new site to exceed ordinance requirements for water quality.
  • Installation of water quality BMPs when not required by the ordinance.

Annual Certification Credit

Property owners can receive a credit by hiring a professional to certify the operation, maintenance, and inspection of their stormwater management facilities.

Education Credit for K-12 Schools

Since the City of Greenville is required by its National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) MS4 Permit to educate the public about surface and groundwater resources and the effects of urbanization on these resources, credits are offered for educational institutions that provide and/or promote educational activities that support the City’s education outreach goals. Credits are cumulative and the maximum credit allowed is 40%. The credit will not reduce the fee below the rate for a minimum equivalent residential unit (ERU). All credits are subject to annual renewal by submission of the City of Greenville Annual Credit Certification for Renewal form by the property owner.


View the Stormwater Management Utility Fee Credit Policy in its entirety along with the application: