Passes & Fares

Single-ride tickets and transfer tickets must be purchased on the bus using cash and coins only. 

Exact change is preferred; however, if you use a larger bill than necessary, the fare box will print a change receipt with the balance. This receipt can then be used as payment for future bus rides until the balance is zero. Change receipts cannot be exchanged for cash.

All Day Passes and 20-Ride Punch Passes can be purchased at the information booth in the Transit Center (100 W. McBee Avenue) using cash, VISA or MasterCard.

NEW! Customers can now pay their bus fare using a reloadable smart card or a smartphone app. Learn more about Greenlink’s new TouchPass electronic ticketing system. *NOTE: If your TouchPass card is lost or stolen, a replacement card can be purchased for $2.

All Day Pass

Ride Type: All Day  Amount
One Day Pass - accepted for all rides and transfers $5.00
*Day passes can be purchased from drivers, but drivers must be notified that you are purchasing an All Day Pass BEFORE money is inserted into the fare box -
*Day passes can also be purchased with cash, VISA, or MasterCard from the Information Booth at the Transit Center (100 W. McBee Avenue) -
*One-day passes may be purchased in advance for future use and do not have to be used the date of purchase. Passes are validated when boarding the bus and remain valid for that date only. All passes expire after the last run at 7:30 p.m.  -

Full Fare: Passengers Ages 18 - 64

Ride Type: One Way
Full Fare Passenger Trip
20-Ride Punch Pass $27.00

Discounted Fare: Senior Citizens (age 65 and older), Medicare Card-Holders, and Passengers with Disabilities

Ride Type: One Way
Discounted Fare Passenger Trip $0.75
20-Ride Punch Pass

Greenlink’s Reduced Fare ID Card Program

Greenlink is excited to offer a new photo ID card to assist our customers who qualify for reduced fare pricing. This card is completely optional and is offered free of charge (early replacement fees may apply). It can be used to quickly let Greenlink staff know to charge the reduced rate when boarding any bus or purchasing passes for our fixed route bus service. For complete details, download the information and application packet, or stop by the information booth for a printed copy.

Discounted Fare: Students (must present student ID) and Youth age 6-17 (Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.)

Ride Type: One Way Amount
Students and Youth Discounted Fare Passenger Trip
Transfers $0.25
20-Ride Punch Pass $22.50
Ages 5 and Under

Greenville Area Paratransit (GAP) Fares

Ride Type: One Way Amount
GAP Passenger Trip
Book of 10 Passes

Non-Profit/Health and Human Service Agency Fares

Ride Type: One Way Amount
Book of 20 Passes $27.00
*Unlike the 20-Ride Punch Pass, which can only be used by a single person, non-profit organizations are able to purchase a book of 20 passes that can be distributed individually to the clients that they serve -